Stumbles and Grace

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My beautiful friend Sarah sent me these socks the other week, but before I could even remove the tags Malorie was already jumping up and down and begging to wear them. They fit her so perfectly and made her so happy, I couldn’t resist letting her wear them to the shop, and she’s already snuck them into her sock drawer under the guise of “helping [me] tidy up”.
I don’t mind too much (and I hope Sarah doesn’t either).

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We got back from a huge holiday to see my family a couple of days ago, so this is just a little warning that the holiday snap are on their way! Sorry, I’m going to make you sit through all of them (but I’ll leave the selfies to my primary blog haha)

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I was calling out to you because I had a dream about snakes that bite people and then the people turn into other snakes! I can’t go back to bed because I might dream about snakes again.
Malorie’s bad dream

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