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  1. The poor hairdresser had to cut around Mally’s hands because Mally was convinced if she didn’t protect her ears they’d be chopped off. She relaxed half way through and came out thrilled with her haircut.
  2. Elsa got some new shoes today. She needed some with better support, and we discovered she’s only one size smaller than her sister.
  3. One kid made me scrape the green bits off the top of her lunch, the other only eats her lunch if it’s wrapped in green stuff. Sometimes they’re really similar, but when it comes to food they couldn’t be more different!

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HEY if you want you can follow me on twitter

It’s mostly me tweeting funny things I’ve said out loud that didn’t get the response I feel they deserved. But you know, I’d be super thrilled to have you there. Tell your friends.

Yes so I have a twitter. It’s not a parenting twitter, it’s more a mess of my thoughts and me trying to look cooler than I am (I’m not cool at all) and if you’d like to follow it you can do that, I’d like that a lot. 

As for what’s happening on this blog, I’m GOING to write a birthday party recap with a bunch of photos, but I’m currently doing Camp NaNoWriMo so any spare time I have goes to writing my novel for that.
As usual, thank you for your awesome messages and comments and stuff! Hope you’re all doing well.

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Pawn and Porn sound exactly the same in an Australian accent, and it causes some problems.

I wish I was a porn star.
Oh, do you? Um, what do you think porn stars do?
Well I would own my own shop and people could bring in their stuff and they could sell it to me, and I will sell it to other people for more money! I'd be the best porn star.
OH. Oh, okay, that sounds great. But only the show is called Pawn Stars. If you worked in a pawn shop you would be a pawnbroker.
Oh. So we don't call them porn stars?
No, sweetie. We don't call them porn stars.

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